What are the Most Common Asthma Triggers

Most Common Asthma Triggers

Asthma triggers should not be confused with causes of asthma which are not exactly known. Exposure to triggers which greatly vary from person to person provokes an asthma attack or worsens the symptoms of asthma. For that reason successful asthma treatment requires identification and avoidance of triggers.

Asthma triggers are identified with one or more trigger identification tests as well as with allergy tests because people who suffer from asthma are more likely to have one or more allergies. As already mentioned earlier, asthma triggers greatly vary from person to person but in most cases asthma attacks are provoked by exposure to various allergens and irritants, respiratory infections, exercise, stress and even weather. The most common asthma triggers are:

– Dust mite
– Cockroach
– Perfumes and perfumed products such as air fresheners, laundry detergents, hair gels, cologne, shaving creams and lotions, etc.
– Animal hair and dander
– Pollen
– Tobacco smoke
– Various air pollutants and industrial compounds
– Certain foods, especially milk, eggs and nuts
– Mold spores
– Exercise
– Cold weather
– Respiratory infections
– Certain medications
– Stress

Trigger avoidance is as much important as taking asthma medications for successful asthma treatment. By avoiding the factors which trigger asthma attack you will not only prevent asthma attacks but stop worsening of asthma symptoms as well. Considering severe asthma can be life-threatening you are highly recommended to get it under control while still having mild symptoms even if it means you have to give your pet up for adoption.


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