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You may seem that maximum document about the benefit of exercise is being suggested by National Health institution. Even all the adults trying to give their best on controlling the weight.

How to Change Your Attitude about Fitness 

You can’t change your habit within a day, you have to patience and determined. Here are the tips:

Change your definition of exercise

You may think that exercise is big thing. And the exercise can be just riding on treadmill for a couple of time. But that is not just a way to do exercise. You have to consider your every activities such as you are moving, dancing while listening you favorite songs. This also can be the part of doing exercise or changing habits.

Revise your mental script

Instead of being upset about past, try to motivate yourself for recommitting you in a healthier way Try to focus on how good your body feels instead of dwelling on negative thoughts..

Focus on movement over “exercise

“The goal is movement and getting more active, and our bodies are designed for that,” she notes. It can be going on a staircase than using the lift. By this you can get another way to get your body active.

Remember how you felt after your last workout

Think back on the feel-good rush you got from exercise-related endorphins, how you felt less stressed, could think more clearly and slept better that night, and use those fresh, positive memories to propel you back to your workout the next day.

Set small goals

If you haven’t exercise at all, you were just thinking about walking for couple of minutes. It won’t work. You have to manage every day at least one hour for exercise. 

Make it a habit

“Getting in regular exercise several times a week is better than being a weekend warrior who exercises for two hours,” she says. “It’s like with physics: a ball that’s stationary is harder to move than a ball that’s already in motion. Building new habits is all about consistency. If you wait until you want to exercise, it may never happen.” Also, if you exercise only sporadically, you may be more likely to injure yourself.

Make it fun. Try new things every day.

Try mindfulness

‘I love all the ways my body can move and all that my body does for me. Some people can’t move their body this way. They will definitely choose different way to be moveable.

Build in accountability

Maybe it’s searching a workout buddy or getting for an exercise class — whatever it takes to nudge you into showing up even on those days when you don’t feel like it.

Start with the end in mind. Training for a specific goal — such as a charity run/walk or a trip — can keep you motivated. “It helps to have a plan and a destination,” she says.

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