Bookafy is a booking platform through which online meeting and appointments are available and easier.

As we know, organizations or companies may have their customers schedule their meetings, call and appointments. All appointment information does synchronize with outlook and google calendars.

And SMS text reminders, reviews, electronic payments are also automatically scheduled by the key features.

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How Bookafy works

It is easy to use. Customers book for appointment at their suitable time for meetings. It also helps to access the customers to book with tap of their fingers.


I am using Bookafy for several months. I use this to allow my clients to choose their own suitable appointment. And it directly happens from my website without making any interruption like back-and-forth emails. As my google calendar integrates with it, I get to know that I can not do double booked. Here two clients cannot book at the same time. I love this payment collections.

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This tool has so many features and significance but most of them need a lot of room for improvement.

Booking Features:

  • Use for mobile
  • Uncountable appointment types
  • You can book app from free websites.
  • It customizes colors and fonts.
  • Time zone sector is automatically selected.
  • Routines are fully skilled.
  • So many numbers of Users.
  • Group Events
  • Calendar Integrations
  • Support
  • Communication
  • Page’s where we book.
  • Payment’s method
  • Users are advanced


Amazing customers are those who does SMS Remaindering work.

***I really love that the customers who get an email confirmation with the appointment attachment that keeps save their personal calendar.

***I like the google calendar sync. As we know most of our tech’s has been using google on their phones, and even if Bookafy is great for phones.

Many officer, academic members like that it is saved to both Bookafy and Google.

If the topics comes about payment, we keep meaning to get to set up with all their payment process. But we are using our simple data record for transaction sector. it has been really handy to track sales right inside the calendar app as well as it is safe.


It was working but not fully. It is elegant and flawless. Once we start working on it was working well.

When we start using this app, we have faced some issues which is not accepted. We couldn’t find any way to solve. We had to go for changing different app.

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  • Wait for some seconds, Home page will appear.
  • Click on “Get Started Free” button.
  • Enter your Email to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get a 30% discount at the end.
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I use Bookafy to give access my clients to select their own appointments, within direct version from my website, without the doing any hassle of back-and-forth emails on days/times. I admit that I can collect payments at the time of booking and have my Zoom meeting info sent out without any breakline.


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