How to Reduce the Triglycerides by Diet

As new medical research is revealed, it becomes clear that triglycerides are one of the hardest issues that people on our world face today. Frequently folks don’t realize this, but having a high level of triglycerides in your body seriously jacks up your possibilities of having a coronary or other heart related medical conditions. Given that heart related Issues are […]

How to Control Diabetes in Early Stage

The majority of diseases can be prevented and diabetes is no exception except for type 1 diabetes which is believed to be triggered by genetic factors. Some researches suggests that breastfeeding might decrease the risk of type 1 diabetes but so far there are no conclusive evidence. However, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes can be prevented with healthy lifestyle […]

Gestational Diabetes: Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Gestational diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels which affects exclusively pregnant women without previously diagnosed diabetes. It affects about 4% of pregnant women commonly in the last half of pregnancy, while the reason why some women develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy and the others do not are not exactly known. Gestational diabetes diabetes usually does not […]

Tips to Pass Without Leaving The Passover Diet

The Passover symbolizes an important Christian holiday that represents the resurrection of Christ. It is a time of festivities, which usually bring families together to celebrate at a table and fed to the traditional exchange of chocolate eggs, a loss for those who can not relax with the diet. And the temptations are everywhere. Because it is the shelves are […]

Is Osteoporosis a Life Threatening Disease?

Thanks to advances in medicine and the improvement of living conditions today are living longer. However, the quality of life is compromised by health problems that arise as our population becomes older. Osteoporosis is one of them. Brazil has about 10 million people with the disease, which is characterized by weakening of the bones and increased risk of fractures. And […]

What are Phytochemicals?

These substances as strange name, nowadays there is much spoken today by being powerful in preventing some diseases. But, after all, what are phytochemicals? Are biologically active compounds, nutrients or non-nutrients, naturally occurring in plant foods. They can be ingested in certain quantities and show potential to modify the human metabolism in a way favorable to the prevention of cancer […]

Importance of Calcium in our Daily Life

Recent studies have given each day, emphasizing the consumption of foods rich in calcium for the prevention of obesity. It seems impossible, but it is not. Studies have shown that people who consumed more calcium in their diet have lower weight. It is not that wonderful? Yeah, seems to be the fifth wonder of the world but must be careful […]

How to Improve Your Gut Health

It is known that constipation affects most people causing mainly severe discomfort. This symptom is the change in bowel habits, characterized by decreased number of bowel movements with hard stools and effort to defecation. The most common causes for constipation are associated with modern life as increased consumption of fast foods, lack of regular times for meals, lack of exercise. […]

PMS: Dealing with this Evil

Headache, bloating, breast pain, weight gain, mood changes (irritability, depression, crying, emotional hypersensitivity). All these symptoms are associated with terrible PMS, enemy of 80% of the female population. If you are part of this team, know that food can be a great ally in preventing and combating the undesirable symptoms. It has long been studied about the influence of hormones […]

Supermarket and Care with Diet and Weight Loss

How do you rate your trips to the supermarket? Often buy more than necessary or, less than necessary, despite our cart is full. If this happens to you, must be because you do not choose what to buy. Is why the DietaCerta written materials accompanying the rhythm of life. Surprise yourself to know that the supermarket can become an ally […]

Pain Control in Childbirth – Pain Control Methods and Techniques

The closer the delivery date the greater the excitement. Pregnancy is an unique experience but every pregnant woman is looking forward of the day she will be able to hold her baby in her hands. The day of childbirth is by many considered as the best day in their lives but many women are terrified of the pain during labor. […]

Benefits of Adequate Physical Activity During Pregnancy

It is probably not necessarily to mention that you should avoid lifting and carrying heavy objects and give up extreme sports during pregnancy. However, that does not mean you just have to rest and sit around all 9 months. On the contrary, light to moderate exercise is recommended for general health and well-being of both the pregnant woman and the […]

Nutrients Required for Healthy Growth and Development of Your Baby

Pregnancy is one of the most natural processes and billions of women throughout the world gave birth to healthy babies without any special prenatal care and often even without medical assistance. Healthy growth and development of the baby does not require any drastic changes of your diet if you normally eat diversified, healthy and nutrient-rich foods. However, since every pregnant […]

How to Weight Control During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal and is inevitable. Developing baby requires increased caloric intake but that does not mean you have to eat for two. On the contrary, pregnant women should eat normally and prevent excessive pregnancy weight gain which might be a great problem after childbirth. There is virtually no time for weight loss when the baby […]

Causes, Complications and Relief of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness characterized by nausea and vomiting affects more than one half of all pregnant women. It is one of the most common signs of early pregnancy and typically starts in about 6th week most commonly in the morning hours. Fortunately, morning sickness lasts only to about 12th week which is not particularly comforting if being in 7th week. The […]