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Colon Cleansers and Constipation

Colon Cleansers and Constipation

In addition to healthy lifestyle and diet, laxatives and fiber supplements, colon cleansers are used for constipation relief as well. Colon cleansing increases bowel movements and removes the toxic waste which accumulates in the intestines, commonly referred as mucoid plaque which is believed to be the cause of numerous diseases. There is little scientific evidence to support the health benefits of “detoxification” with colon cleansing products but there is no doubt about their laxative effect which might make colon cleansers helpful for constipation.

Many color cleansers from different manufacturers are available over-the-counter but by far the most popular are oral preparations commonly in form of pills and capsules. All brands claim to be helpful for various digestion problems including constipation and choosing the most effective one might be a challenge. However, besides efficacy you should also pay attention to safety and keep in mind that oral color cleansers are not regulated by the FDA like drugs and food. You are highly recommended to read the label of ingredients very carefully because the majority of oral colon cleansers contain various herbal ingredients which might cause different adverse effects even if the manufacturer claims otherwise. If you take any medications, have a medical condition or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding you should not use any colon cleansing products before consulting with your health care provider.

If you decide to use a colon cleanser for constipation relief you should also keep in mind that there are some concerns that it can increase the risk of dehydration. For that reason you should drink a lot of fluids when and if using a colon cleanser.

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