PMS: Dealing with this Evil

Dealing with this Evil

Headache, bloating, breast pain, weight gain, mood changes (irritability, depression, crying, emotional hypersensitivity). All these symptoms are associated with terrible PMS, enemy of 80% of the female population. If you are part of this team, know that food can be a great ally in preventing and combating the undesirable symptoms.

It has long been studied about the influence of hormones on the absorption of some micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and the metabolism of water and electrolytes in the course of the menstrual cycle.

To get an idea, the hormones affect the metabolism of important minerals like calcium and magnesium and vitamins such as vitamin D. And that is how you explain the changes of this period.

So, you know: replace these nutrients is essential … and, of course, drink plenty of fluids. For this, it is recommended to increase the consumption of dairy products, dark green vegetables, fish, nuts (the nuts, cashew) and whole grains.

Some women have also, during the PMS, changes in eating behavior normal, which is exemplified in excessive consumption of salty foods, sweets and, of course, chocolate. Is, girls, but these foods are usually high in calories … undermining the success of our diet, is not it?!

Note then some recommendations for this period:


some foods become villains in the TPM. Better to let him out of the exemption, and especially the eyes.

What are these foods:

  • Fried foods and other fatty foods: they are highly caloric, leading to greater weight gain. Moreover, it contains salt which leads to swelling, fluid retention.
  • Soft drinks in addition to high amounts of sodium, which exacerbates the retention already common in this phase.
  • Alcohol: beware of drinking alcohol as well if not digested, can lead to providing training gases. That, between us, it’s not comfortable.
  • Coffee and black tea: like the colas, caffeine is a potent irritant. Therefore, attention to consumption of these foods.
  • HEROES: these are powerful foods in the fight of the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. Check out and transform your life!
  • Watermelon: This fruit has high amounts of magnesium, which as a result of hormonal changes of the period is the most nutrient lost in the TPM. Moreover, it contains enough water, reducing the swelling.
  • Walnuts and chestnuts: rich in good fats, the famous omega 3 and 6, these seeds are related to improved mood and help with PMS regularizing the hormonal imbalance characteristic of this phase. Just be careful because they are calorie!
  • Milk and milk products: rich in calcium, nutrient-lost at this stage and that is important odd about your health. Preferably, use the skimmed milk and yoghurt or 0% fat. As for cheese, prefer white. They are less calories and can be eaten in larger quantities!

Reconciling the villains and heroes is the secret to ensure peace and maintain good order in nasty period of PMS!


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