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Why Taking Dietary Supplements During Pregnancy and Their Safety

Dietary Supplements During Pregnancy

All the necessary nutrients for healthy development of your baby can be obtained through food and if eating diversified and nutrient-rich foods you probably do not need any dietary supplements. However, if you do not like particular foods which contain essential nutrients for healthy development of the baby or if you believe you might be short on certain vitamins and minerals it might be wise to consider taking vitamin or dietary supplements to provide your baby optimal conditions for healthy growth and development.

Vitamin supplements can be bought over-the-counter in every pharmacy but before choosing one you are highly recommended to consult with your health provider. Developing baby requires increased intake of vitamins B1, B2, B9 (folic acid), C and D, folic acid, iron and iodine, and the recommended daily dosage of the other essential nutrients such as calcium, essential fatty acids, magnesium, etc. All mentioned nutrients are highly important for healthy development of your baby but you should keep in mind that too much of vitamins can be harmful as well.

For example, high vitamin A intake may result in toxicity and cause birth defects. Pregnant women are widely recommended to avoid or reduce consumption of foods high in vitamin A such as liver which means you probably should not use vitamin supplements containing high amounts of vitamin A. You should also keep in mind that dietary supplement are not regulated by the FDA . Consult with your health provider about safety and which type and brand of dietary supplement would be the best for you before starting to take anything.

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