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6 Different Types Of Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Food allergy is an abnormal response to food ingested. Most people however confuse it with food intolerance. Unlike food intolerance allergy causes the body to produce a lot of immunoglobulin E-. The food allergy causes one to experience physical reactions it happens when the body mistakenly produces an antibody to fight the food. This mostly involves the triggering of immune response leading to the release of histamine. Symptoms of food allergy include swelling and itching of your mouth, tongue or even throat. It could also include skin reactions, wheezing, running nose or even vomiting. Mostly the symptoms occur within the first few minutes after ingesting the food.

There are Various Types of Food Allergies

Milk Allergy

Most people are allergic to milk especially cow’s milk. When they ingest milk they end up vomiting or even experiencing diarrhea. Those children that are allergic to milk have a high percentage of being allergic to other animal products such as eggs and even peanuts. This children are also very highly prone to developing asthma.

Peanut Allergy

This could be serious especially because it grows out of exposure to the peanut. This means that whenever you are close to it you can easily be allergic. Accidental exposure can make you have the allergic reactions.

Egg Allergies

This are allergies that occur due to one ingesting an egg either of a hen or even a bird. Most children who are allergic to eggs end up resolving it by the age of five. It could either be due to the yolk part or the white part of the egg. However, in some instances an individual could be allergic to both the yolk and the white part.

Fish Allergy

Finned fish can even cause very severe reactions. This allergy is usually lifelong. Salmonhalibut and tuna are the common types of finned fish that cause allergic reactions.

Soya Allergy

Soya is obtained from soya beans. Soya allergy is one of the common food allergy especially among babies and children. Research shows that children who are allergic to soya outgrow it by the age of three. The reactions from allergy are usually rare and mild but at times severe reactions can occur.

Wheat Allergy

Mostly it restricted to wheat proteins. Just like soya it can be out grown by children by the age of 3.It can be as mild as hives and as severe as anaphylaxis. It can prevent a great problem especially to baking. Since wheat is a good supplement to the body it is advisable that if you are allergic to it you should use corn, oat or even barley.


In severe cases allergy reactions could result into anaphylaxis, this could result to excess wheezing and difficulty in breathing as well as cardiac arrest. It is advisable that if you have an allergic reaction you should have quick access to epinephrine auto injector. It is good that if you are prone to such allergic reactions you should own an Ehic. European health insurance card (Ehic) that enables you to access the state provided health care in European Economic Areas.


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