Sit Ups Help For Losing Belly Fat

A very common and frequently asked question about losing belly fat is, do crunches and sit ups help to get rid of that unwanted layer of fat that hangs around your belly.  The reason why so many women ask this question, is because for years the standard advice that people were given if they wanted to lose stomach fat was to do sit ups and then crunches.  So, do crunches and sit ups help for losing belly fat?


No.  They do not help you to lose belly fat.  What they do help is to strengthen the core muscles, but they are not going to help you lose any fat around your stomach.  In fact, doing sit ups actually does very little for your abdominal section any way, as the exercise targets the hip flexors. Crunches can help if you want to add a more muscular and toned look to your midsection, however, that will only actually show when you lose the belly fat.

The way to lose that belly fat and get a slimmer stomach is to lose fat overall around your body.

 And just in case you were wondering, NO, you cannot just lose fat in one specific area, you have to work on losing it all around your body.  Spot reducing belly fat is not at all supported by any scientific research, though the idea does help a lot of companies in the weight loss arena make a lot of money through pushing that idea along as being valid.

If you take a look at your stomach and you wonder why you are not losing that belly fat, chances are you are not losing body fat overall around your entire body.  And depending on many factors, such as hormone levels and genetics, then you may have to deal with the fact that your stomach is one of the last areas where your body loses fat.  That may not be the answer that you want to hear, but that is the way that it goes.

To get that slim stomach, you are going to have to put your body in a caloric deficit so that you are losing body fat overall and in time, it will begin to show in the stomach area. There are no magic pills or powders that are going to help you get around that one simple principle.

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