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Food diary: Easy Way to Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast

In the calendar today, many people can no longer pay attention to what they eat. And when the extra pounds begin to appear, the question is unavoidable: What can I be doing wrong? And the answer (and solution) is much simpler than you think. Write down everything you eat!

Make a food diary is an excellent way to start a change in eating habits. It helps to identify things we can not always see, like the times you eat more, foods that are our weakness, the association between food and emotions. Also, allows us to better assess whether we are exaggerating the amount, as is the quality and began to have more attention to what you eat. Then we notice that we have not thought things can play out our loss.

But it should contain this journal? The options are many, since it can be quite simple, with only information about time and food quantity, to a more elaborate, it can enter the amount in grams, the place of the meal, the emotions felt, the level of hunger among other. And best of all, you can even create your own, trying to include those points that you know is your greatest weakness. Another important tip is to write down the meal right after doing it, whenever possible, to avoid not forget some food or quantity.

Below are some ideas of what can go into your food diary:

Time of meal: Sometimes we get a long time without eating and just exaggerate the amount. Set times can help control hunger.

Location: Help to see if you eat more when you’re at home or in the restaurant.

Food and quantities: Often the problem is the type of food you eat or the amount that may be being exaggerated.

Degree of hunger for 0 to 10: Serve to realize if we’re eating even when you feel hungry.

Feeling: Many people tend to eat more when they are stressed or upset, as a way to escape problems and often do not realize it. Making this association can help you better control your emotions and avoid cash on food.

Activities together: If you were watching television, for example. Other activities at the time of the meal can take the focus off of food and just eating aims without realizing it.

Meal time: If we eat too quickly, our brains often do not have time to send a signal of satiety and eating more than we really need that.

All these questions are for us to make a critical analysis of our food and identify areas that need improvement to start the weight loss. After starting the food diary, to be sure the pointer of the balance will begin to decline. What are you waiting for? Grab a paper and a pen right now and start your own!

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