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Does Eating Several Times a Day Help You Lose Weight

Eating Several Times FOR WEIGHT LOSS

Many people believe that by making only three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – emagrecerão with greater ease.

When we no longer feed ourselves, the metabolism slows down, and our body will understand that a long period of fasting. Thus, every source of energy is stored as a store of fat as a warning signal, which will cause fat gain.

Moreover, our body needs energy to keep glucose levels stable, causing the sensation of hunger. If the period of fasting is prolonged, hunger has decreased due to the use of muscle as an energy source, which is not desirable to any individual. The tendency in this situation is to eat three times as much to restore blood glucose.

Studies indicate that eating every 3 hours causes a reduction in the capacity of the stomach, reducing caloric intake and, consequently, promoting weight loss. This habit will cause the body will not realize that so long without receiving food and therefore do not need to save and store calories.

Eating five to six times a day causes the body has to work harder to metabolize nutrients, or is an acceleration of metabolism, making fat loss. Just the act of chewing, swallowing, digest, absorb and transport nutrients generates energy expenditure.

Perform several meals also helps to maintain control of appetite, avoiding the hype and compulsive overeating. Soon, the person fits and feels more satiated with smaller portions of food.

For a snack in the intervals between the meals, always opt for natural foods and low calorie foods such as fruit, cereal bars of light, yogurt, cookies, water and salt, among others.

Find a dietitian to adjust your diet to meet their needs, distributing food in meals throughout the day.


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