Everything You Need to Know About Vitiligo


In today’s world, all of us are conscious about our looks and how we carry ourselves. But what is the most important attribute of our personality that has the maximum affect on how we appeal to others. It is the skin. We easily get annoyed by a pimple or a small patch erupting suddenly on our face or any other part of the body. But what if someone gets a skin that is full of patches and is awkwardly unappealing?

Such a condition is known as Vitiligo. In a layman’s term, this can be defined as a condition which causes de-pigmentation of the parts of the skin. There are certain kinds of cells called the Melanocytes in human body that are responsible for imparting color to the skin. But in certain abnormal conditions like white patchy skin, these cells die or are unable to perform their function. It can affect the skin of any part of the body including face, mouth, genitals and hair as well.

Types: There are two types based on the cause behind the condition. These two types are:


It is also known as unilateral skin problem. This condition often attacks at an early age, progresses for a year and then halts. As the name suggests, it affects one side of the body. Anomaly with the body’s nervous system causes this condition.

Non- Segmental:

This is an auto-immune condition, also known as bilateral, generalized vitiligo and vitiligo vulgaris. This is the more common type which affects both the sides of the body. Unlike the segmental type, this condition progresses throughout the lifetime involving cycles of start and stop.

Effects on patchy skin:

In addition to loss of hair and skin color on the body, it also results in depression and low self esteem in the affected individuals. A very few patients also complaint of itchiness and pain on the affected body parts.

Risk Factors:

Half a million of world’s population suffers from this problem. It affects equally in all races, gender and skin type. Those at a higher risk include:

Those people who have a family history

People suffering from any other autoimmune disease (like alopecia or Hashimito’s disease)


There are multiple modes of treatments suggested by dermatologists all over the world. Al these modalities have a common purpose i.e. to restore the skin color. These options include:


Several medicines for topical application are available in the market that aid in skin re-pigmentation. An example of this modality is vitiligo miracle system review. This system offers a unique and particular way to treat the problem. The result for the same can be seen miraculously in just 7 days. The skin patchiness and itchiness starts reducing after adopting this line of treatment.

Laser Therapy:

Light therapy either in the form of LASERS or UVA are also being popularly used to cure this condition. This modality is said to be around 70% effective in achieving re-pigmentation back to normal. This might also result in serious side effects which need to be carefully monitored.


Although the cure rate is 90%, there are serious contradictions to the use of this modality for the treatment of skin. It cannot be used for children or for people with sensitive skin.

Unconventional Treatment:

There are certain herbs, amino acids and minerals that have shown to be effective in the treatment of patchy skin.

Even if there are many modalities to treat this condition, medical treatment like vitiligo miracle system review has proven to be the safest and most effective.

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