Weight Loss

How to Fat Loss and Reduce Health

Fat Loss and Reduce Health

Do you worry about the amount of fat you consume daily?

If you are concerned about your health, wellness and balance of the hands, believe that you should worry about this nutrient.

Currently, the main studies on nutrition and health, linking the increased consumption of fat to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even some types of cancer.

Know that the fat content in food may vary from 100% as found in most cooking oils, a very small amount, as found in most fruits and vegetables.

Some foods have large amounts of fat and are easily visible, for example, butter, margarine, lard, mayonnaise, oil and visible fat on meat. However, other foods do not have their fat so visible, but still have high amounts of this nutrient, such as whole milk, cheeses, nuts, crackers and others.

Among some foods, the amount of fat can vary greatly. A good example of these variations are the meat in general. Thus, red meat has a high content of fat differently from birds and fish.

In addition, the type of fat also differs in different foods, for example, in most plant foods, even with small amounts of fat, their quality is better than animal products.

The careful selection and preparation of some foods can reduce the fat content. Below are some tips:

  • Replace whole milk for semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. The same goes for yogurt.
  • Some foods such as chocolate, chocolate, sweets in general, the preparations cream and condensed milk should be avoided. Thus, sweets and desserts can be left aside.
  • The yellow cheese can be substituidps by white cheeses such as, for example, white cheese, ricotta, cottage. Another option is the light cream cheese and cream cheese.
  • Avoid foods that are embedded the sausage, sausage, bologna, salami, salami, ham, ham. Preferences, then, the consumption of blanquet turkey.
  • Fresh pork should be avoided because, in addition to contain huge amounts of fat, this is of low nutritional quality.
  • Red meats should be apparent fat removed, while the skin of birds should also be deleted to remove excess fat contained in these foods.

By following these tips, you can reduce the amount of fat you consume and therefore your body will thank you!

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