How to Get Your Bowel Moving

Get Your Bowel Moving

People suffer from constipation when they experience lower average of bowel movement and it usually small and very dry. People who suffer from constipation also experience different symptoms like bloating, sluggishness, and uncomfortable bowel movement. The colon is the one responsible for this kind of problem. The main job of the colon is to remove excess water from the waste material when it passes through the small intestine to the colon. It serves as the waste material storage. This organ helps the body to expel all the stools from inside the body to the outside environment. Therefore, constipation can only happen if the colon is removing too much water from the waste material. This will result into hard and dry stool. This kind of stool moves very slowly through the colon that is why sufferer will experience inability to eliminate the stool even if they feel that need to do eliminate it.

It is important to treat constipation once people experience it to be able to reduce the occurrence of abdominal discomfort and some other related symptoms connected to constipation. If constipation occurs frequently, it can also lead to other serious problem. The inability of the body to eliminate waste has very bad effect to the body. People with constipation can suffer from hemorrhoid and this condition is very painful than having constipation itself.

It is true that prevention is always better than cure so if you can prevent constipation from occurring why not do it. Many people are asking how they can avoid being constipated. There is a very simple answer to this problem and it is diet. It is important for all people to put the right foods in their mouth, right consistency of food and the end product will surely come out in the end. The following are effective keep your bowel moving outside the body.

People are always aware about the idea of having proper diet consist of fiber, but many are having a hard time to follow this golden rule. People do not still do not consume enough fiber to their diet. Fiber is not rare food stuff, because it can be found in food like fruits and vegetables. There is some breakfast cereal that you can eat that contains fiber. It is best to eat raw fruits and some vegetables can also be consumed raw. People nowadays have busier lifestyle that is many of them do not have the time to even drink water.

Drinking enough water will protect you from suffering constipation. It is better if you will consume 3 liters of water a day and avoid consuming too much tea as well as coffee. Because these beverages have dehydrating effect and can worsen your constipation. Food is not the only thing that can help you avoid constipation, but you also need to do regular exercise. Doing exercise which will require you to bend and stretch can really help your bowel to move smoothly. If you are nit active your internal organs will not be active as well.


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