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Some Tips on The Right Way to Help Your Child Go on a Diet

Child diet

Should my kid go on a diet? It sounds quite ridiculous, right? Just the thought of making your sweet child lose weight, may seem absurd to you. After all, being a parent, you see that little boy or girl differently than any other. It is just your little angel, who looks perfect: end of discussion. And you would never EVER want to torture your kid with exhausting diets. We agree 99%+1%. You do the math!

But if you observe the problem more closely, you might change your mind. There is almost no chance this problem to be solved without any intervention. However, you can’t leave it that way, because neglecting the obese condition may lead to more serious troubles in future.

Except for the health reasons, weight loss is useful in some other aspect, too. Your kid’s self-esteem will improve for sure, because he/she wouldn’t feel ashamed of his/her looks.

Here are some tips on the right way to help your child go on a diet:

1) Don’t make your kids eat everything they have in their plate.

2) Avoid using food as a reward.

3) Teach children to eat at home, because there they will receive the healthiest food, made with concern and love. When they are outside it is very likely that they will stuff themselves with junk food.

4) Encourage them to eat less, but more often.

5) Never miss their breakfast! Those children, who eat a healthy breakfast, are usually thinner than others.

6) Don’t talk to your kid about his/her weight as a huge problem. Just focus on guiding him/her to eat healthy and avoid the word “diet”.

7) Explain the benefits of eating properly to the kid and how important it is to keep your body in good shape.

8) Children don’t care that much about health, so you can’t convince them with such an argument. Your strategy should be slightly changed, linking the possible health dangers with some of their interests.

9) Discuss what they eat at school at the moment and how they can alter it a little.

10) Be a good example of person, who has excellent health habits. Kids at first start learning at home and them from anywhere else.

Sample healthy diet for children

Breakfast: Use some of these suggestions:

– Muesli (low on sugar) with milk, banana and glass of juice.

– A cup of cornflakes with cut apple and some walnuts.

– Scrambled eggs with a toast, yoghurt with fruits, oatmeal with raisins.

Lunch: Pick one of the following options:

– Baked potatoes with tuna.

– Potato puree with vegetables.

– Pasta with cheese and greens.

– Baked chicken and lens or beans soup.

– Tuna or ham sandwich.

– Yoghurt or fresh fruits for dinner.

– Dinner: Serve your little kid a meal like:

– Omelette with string bean.

– Baked lamb with stew potatoes.

– Baked fish with vegetables.

– Chicken breast with wholegrain bread and stew vegetables.

Use this diet plans for your children and combine them however you want.

Important! You should always have fruits, vegetables and fresh juices at home for both you and your children.


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