Holistic Health Examples

Holistic Health

Holistic health is a kind of health that focuses on wellness in the body, mind and spirit. When you practice holistic health you have peace of mind and you’ll have better relationships with other people as a result. Holistic health is especially great for those who are disillusioned with conventional medicine or who cannot afford to get medical help from regular doctors due to financial difficulties. The best way to incorporate holistic health is to meet with a naturopathic doctor since they offer quality holistic care to patients.

Yoga As Holistic Health

Yoga is a major part of holistic health and there are great health benefits to it. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “yoking” and it involves a series of poses, breathing techniques and meditation for the purpose of uniting the body, mind and spirit. One of the main benefits of yoga is that it promotes flexibility and strength in the body. The poses in yoga also help boost stamina, which works well in boosting your libido and sex life. To begin doing yoga, you want to find a good and certified yoga instructor and wear comfortable yoga pants and shirt. Also watch some online videos that teach different poses.

Using Holistic Health Remedies for Heart Health

Ig you’re looking for a holistic way to reduce heart failure, take some flaxseed oil because flaxseed decreases the bad cholesterol in your body, especially if you tend to eat foods high in cholesterol. Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids are also helpful for the heart and a few sprigs of garlic also help. Since red wine has resveratrol, an ingredient that keeps the heart healthy, you can drink one to two glasses of the wine every few days.

Prayers for Healing

Yoga involves meditation but even if you’re not into yoga you can still pray for healing for physical problems or for emotional issues you may have. Spend some time each day in prayer to God because you want to receive His healing and you need quiet time to reflect on your life and where you will be in the future.

Water Fasting

Water fasting is another example of holistic health and a benefit of water fasting is the fact that it keeps fluids in your body for it to operate properly. Water fasting assists with weight loss since water has no calories. Another benefit of water fasting is that it cleanses all harmful wastes out your system so you’ll feel less tired and more energetic. This also reduces the development of various illnesses such as the common cold.


 Holistic health is becoming more popular each year as some people seek an alternative to traditional medicine. Old school remedies still work today and many of them are better than traditional treatments. When you utilize holistic health regularly you save money on doctor’s visits and prescriptions. Be careful when purchasing health supplements as some retailers do not give the authentic versions but the fake and possibly harmful versions.


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