Weight Loss

How to Improve Your Weight Loss

Improve Weight Loss

Most people find it difficult to lose weight. When asked about the possible cause of this difficulty, we heard many reasons but, often, the person does not know a reason that may be hindering weight loss.
We suggest some techniques to provide a better control of what is consumed and, thus, increase the likelihood of success in food.

Intake Control

Basing on the record of the quantity, quality, location and time of each meal. Moreover, the feelings and situations in which the intake occurs.

The great advantage of this technique is to allow a detailed knowledge of the habits and dysfunctional thoughts and feelings of the patient.

Control of Eating

They consist of some techniques that lead to a slowdown of the intake.

Some examples of this technique:

– Rest the fork between a bite and another;
– Dine in one place in the house;
– Meals in the company of someone.

They are very useful to improve chewing and decrease food intake.

Cognitive Restructuring

Applies to patients with certain dysfunctional thoughts and is the argument on these thoughts.

Some examples of this technique:

“Everyone in my family are obese, so I will not lose weight.” Possible argument: “It will be difficult but not impossible to lose weight”

This technique is applied individually by experienced professionals. It is widely used in obese patients with specific characteristics.

Using these techniques, the individual can learn a little more about yourself and your food. Moreover, some techniques teach how to deal with different situations, reducing the risk of a slip or place can work with significant behavioral improvements. Try!