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How to Properly Control Asthma

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There is no cure for asthma but it is highly important to treat it as soon as possible. Asthma treatment greatly varies from person to person and severity of asthma but it always features trigger avoidance and taking one or several asthma medications.

It is always better to prevent than to cure and that is especially true for asthma. It is highly important to identify what triggers asthma attacks and to avoid exposure to triggers. For example, if the test have shown asthma attacks are triggered by house dust mites you are highly recommended to throw away all carpets and soft floor covering and replace them with hard or wood covering. Regularly clean your couch, mattress and all padded furniture with a vacuum cleaner. You are also highly recommended to use anti allergy bedding and a moisture absorber because the dust mites love the moisture. If you are allergic to animal hair you should probably seriously consider giving your pet up for adoption.

Trigger avoidance which is crucial in asthma treatment is in most cases insufficient for successful asthma control because it is virtually impossible to eliminate exposure to triggers. The majority of people also require one or several asthma medications depending from patient to patient. People suffering from persistent asthma are usually prescribed both long-term-control and quick-relief medications for asthma, while asthma attacks triggered by allergens commonly also require allergy treatment either in a form of taking allergy medications or by receiving immunotherapy.


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