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How to Take Home Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Tests

Missing period is the most obvious sign of pregnancy and it crosses every woman’s mind when “being late”. Early pregnancy is often accompanied with other symptoms which are very unspecific and are not unique to pregnancy. Even missing period does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. However, if you are missing period and if there is a chance you might be pregnant you can find out that very easily and discretely by making a home pregnancy test.

If you have done some research over early pregnancy signs and symptoms you probably already know there is no other way to make sure whether you are pregnant or not than to make a pregnancy test. You can find one at any department store and pharmacy. There are several different home pregnancy tests from different manufacturers but they all work in a similar principle: you place the end of a dipstick in collected urine for few seconds and wait for few minutes (according to the directions of manufacturer) until you see a color change or plus or minus sign which tells you if you are pregnant or not. And yes, home pregnancy test are reliable if you have wondered. According to manufacturers home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. If you have any doubts you might repeat the test by trying another brand.

If your home pregnancy test is positive you should make an appointment at you health care provider. He/she will do a blood test or pelvic exam to confirm your pregnancy and provide you all the necessary informations about healthy pregnancy.


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