Importance of Calcium in our Daily Life

Importance of Calcium

Recent studies have given each day, emphasizing the consumption of foods rich in calcium for the prevention of obesity. It seems impossible, but it is not. Studies have shown that people who consumed more calcium in their diet have lower weight.

It is not that wonderful? Yeah, seems to be the fifth wonder of the world but must be careful about the abuse of food source of this important mineral. After all, the main sources are dairy products and, as we know, are not only rich in calcium and fat.

So great care is. Vale but consume much of these foods to have results similar to those shown in studies, but for this, it is recommended the consumption of milk and nonfat yogurt and low-fat cheeses, such as mines, cottage and ricotta.

There are other foods that also have good amounts of calcium, we can mention among them some fish and dark green vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, watercress and others. But according to studies, the association between higher intakes of calcium and lower incidence of obesity was found only considering the consumption of calcium in dairy foods.

Then the tip is simple! Consume every day, these dairy foods and low in fat. Enjoy your meals DietaCerta that contains calcium and experience what science has shown


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