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How to Keep Your Skin Beautiful Year Round

Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Everybody us knows that our skin is the biggest organ on our bodies. Our skin goes through many changes in our lifetime but most of us don’t actually care about skin until later on in life. We’re more interested in playing with makeup products such as make eye shadows etc. A skincare routine should, too. Consider what climate you’re in and adjust your skincare products accordingly.


Drink water

Drinking water is the basic health maintenance, but surprisingly few people drink an adequate amount of water per day.Experts suggests you should drink between a half an ounce and one ounce of water for each pound of body-weight. Water helpful for skin and made up of cells, and cells carry an abundance of water. Having well hydrated throughout the day, you’ll help flush out harmful irritants and bacteria that does damage skin.

Eat less sugar and more protein

Cut down on the sweet stuff. Also, you need enough protein to supply the amino acids necessary to produce collagen, which strengthens skin.

Try natural facial exfoliates

You may leave it on your skin for as long as you can. Rinse off with warm water.

Use tea tree oil. Helps a lot.

Use grapefruit, orange, and lemon (vitamin C)

Citrus face masks using these nutritious fruits have been found to help smooth wrinkles and balance skin tone. What powers this treatment is the high amount of antioxidant-rich vitamin C in these fruits. Of course, it’s also a good idea to get enough vitamin C in your diet and not just use it as a topical.

Splash on rose water

Skin-careexperts tout the ability of rose water’s effects as an antibacterial and for its ability to help maintain skin’s pH balance. Rose water may also help remove oily residue that can clog pores that lead to acne and other blemishes.  

Go beyond the face: treat body, feet, and hands

Except for when we’re sun tanning, we often think of skin treatment as a face-only process. The truth is, you should also apply skin treatments to your torso and limbs

One idea:

Try an essential oil by blending pure frankincense with your favorite cream or rosehip oil, then rub it on the bottom of your feet.

Use turmeric. Powered by the active ingredient cur cumin, turmeric is popular as a dietary nutrient, but this versatile spice has become a go-to topical skin treatment for some of the most famous faces in Hollywood. According to Hello MagazineStar Wars actress Daisy Ridley swears by her homemade turmeric face mask for keeping her skin looking Jedi smooth.

Another ways,

  1. Green tea. Helps to lose weight and fresh and healthy wealthy mind.
  2. Steam therapy. The effects of steam baths and steam showers may help keep skin healthy looking and radiant after just a few sessions. Steam therapy may change your body’s natural defenses through a number of different mechanisms to potentially help you maintain a healthy radiant glow all year.

Glowing skin care routine tweak

Now that you’ve tweaked two essential skin care steps, cleansing and moisturizing, into your routine after cleansing and before moisturizing three nights a week to give your skin a boost. Apply the mask and wait for ten minutes. Depending upon which clay mask you choose, this will leave your skin looking and feeling detoxified, purified or refined. As an added bonus, switch them up throughout the week so that your skin reaps all of the benefits.

Revitalize dullness and encourage glowing skin in just a few days by cleansing, moisturizing and treating your skin all week.


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