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8 MOST Important Strategies to Lose Belly Fat Naturally!

Natural weight loss

It would be wrong to assume that all overweight people are inherently unhealthy. You must have come across plump people who appear to be in the pink of health!

On the contrary, you might encounter someone who seemingly is in shape but suffering the same problems commonly associated with being obese.

Now why is that? Technically, excess fat underneath your skin isn’t the problem, unless of course, you’re thinking from a cosmetic point of view. The problem arises when the fat starts accumulating in your abdomen. If you have a bulging waistline, then you need to take some necessary precautions.

Have you ever tried measuring your waistline?

It’s really quite simple. You must be having a measuring tape at home. Wrap it around your waist and note down the number.

If it’s more than 40 inches (for men) and 35 inches (for women), you’ve got yourself a problem. This is commonly termed as abdominal obesity.

Now you may think that there’s a shortcut to the perfectly flat belly, and you might have even tried your luck with those little pills that guarantee belly fat reduction, but you must admit, going au naturale is the most effective way of reducing belly fat.

So here you go, here’s a list of 8 strategies that can help you lose belly fat the natural way:-

1) Reduce Sugar Intake

Added sugar in different food items and beverages is toxic, and a silent killer. It takes a tremendous toll on your metabolic health. Sugar, essentially, is one half fructose and one half glucose. The thing about fructose is that it can only be processed by the liver.

Hence, if you consume large amounts of sugar, your liver metabolizes the entire amount into fat.

2) Increase Protein Consumption

Proteins are considered to be the most effective weapons against belly fat. This is one of those few macronutrients which helps in losing weight. Proteins alter your metabolism in such a way that your food or sugar cravings will go down by a whopping 60%, and your metabolism will go up by 80 to 100 calories in a day.

And guess what, protein just doesn’t stop there. If you ever decide to abandon your fitness routine in the long run, these proteins can stop you from gaining weight once again.

3) Lower Carb Consumption

Carbs are the major obstacles standing in your way to well defined abs and an enviable waistline. Cut all kinds of carbs from your daily diet. That doesn’t just include sugary food items, it also includes items in your staple diet like bread or rice. A low carb diet would give you instant results, you’ll be able to notice a remarkable difference to your waistline within a few weeks.

4) Aerobics Exercises

When you talk about aerobic exercises, you’re basically referring to all the high intensity exercises which could help tone your belly. Most sessions usually last for a period of 45 minutes per day, that helps you burn calories from your problem area- in this case, your abdomen.

Other forms of exercise, like squats and push-ups have been known to work like magic when it comes to reducing belly fat. But remember, spot reduction doesn’t work; hence, you won’t notice much of a change if you only emphasize on the abdomen exercises.

5) Indulge In Fibrous Foods

Fiber is basically plant matter that is indigestible. Before you rush to the market, not all forms of fiber can help reduce belly fat. It turns out, viscous fiber is the only kind of fiber that guarantees weight loss from your belly effectively. Most of the fat in your belly is due to water retention; this kind of fiber prevents that and forms a kind of thick gel which sits like a barrier in your gut.

Because of this, the movement of digested and undigested food is dramatically slowed down. Naturally, you end up feeling full for a longer period of time. Time to curb those sugar cravings with some legumes or cereals, maybe?

6) Keep An Eye On What You Eat

Before you roll your eyes and say “Obviously”, you must understand most people have zero clue about what they’re eating. Yes, you heard that right. They might think they’re eating healthy stuff, but in reality, this “healthy food” does more harm than good. Count your calories, keep an eye on the kind of food you’re eating. Don’t bother about the naysayers or those who jeer at you.

It’s your body, you should know what you’re putting in it. As they say, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. If you’re working towards your goal of a toned belly, you will have to be alert and cautious.

7) Do Not Starve Yourself

Most people are under the impression that a healthy diet is synonymous with starvation. But that’s not the case. For instance, you’ll often meet people who claim they don’t eat breakfast so that they can reduce calorie intake. Well, ignore them. Studies have shown that if you eat a healthy and hearty breakfast within an hour of waking up, which could boost your metabolism and help you lose belly fat.

The kind of breakfast you eat does make a difference. You need to bid adieu to pancakes and waffles, and include a protein and a fiber in your meal. Avoid refined sugar; go for something like oats and cereals to kick start your day.

8) Decompress

Have you been stressed out lately? Well science says, that’s one of the major reasons why your belly fat seems to be increasing by the day. Stress leads to the release of cortisol, and that causes fat to be accumulated in the belly. Get sufficient sleep at night; 7 hours should be more than enough for adults. Also, reserve a time of the day for yourself. Let go of your worries, and just relax.

Ask anyone around you, everyone has certain qualms about their body. Some think they’re bodies are disproportionate while some hate their bulging bellies and thunder thighs.

You probably do too; reducing belly fat would not only give you a flat waistline that you always wanted, but would also inculcate in you a sense of self confidence as you walk with your head held high!

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