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6 Natural Fat Burning Foods That You Should Be Eating

Natural Fat Burning Foods

The process of burning fat happens inside the body and it is in digesting certain foods that will help you reach your weight loss goals. Just as you need more energy for exercise to slim down, eating the right natural fat burning foods will keep you get in shape and to supplement your daily exercise.

You exert more energy to digest proteins than you would to digest fat. More proteins in your diet will be better for you to burn fat faster.

1. Eggs are great because they are high in protein and provide the good cholesterol your body needs though like most things they must be taken with moderation since two eggs (with yolks) per day are over the recommended level. Eggs contain vitamin B12 which is a good supplement to break down those fat cells. If you want to eat more eggs and stay within acceptable levels of cholesterol content in your body, take the yolk out and eat only egg whites.

2. Calcium is great for your bones and helps your body burn fat. Milk is a natural weight loss drink, and any dairy product like cheese that has calcium is also beneficial. People who do not drink milk or eat cheese may have low calcium diets but they do not lose weight as fast as those who drink or eat low-fat dairy products. Calcium is needed for good health and reducing fat intake in dairy products would actually minimize accumulation of fat in your body. Non-fat yogurt and low-fat milk are perfect for this

3. Foods that help you slim down are foods that are a potent source of protein, iron and fiber. The perfect example of this would be beans. Beans give you the nutrition although they can give you also gastrointestinal disturbances. You may have to balance your diet with other foods if you eat beans. Avoid baked and re-fried beans because they store saturated fat which is bad cholesterol. So beans cooked that way will not burn fat. Fat from the saturated oil will only make the bad cholesterol worse. Steam or boil, put a pinch of salt and voila, you are ready to eat your beans.

4. Oatmeal is best when eaten unsweetened and unflavored. If you cannot eat oatmeal without a sweet or flavorful taste, add raisins, cranberries or honey instead of loading it with butter and sugar. Oatmeal has soluble fiber that flushes out bad digestive acids. In the process, oatmeal burns fat and reduces blood cholesterol.

5. Mono unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) found in olive oil is one of the best foods for you to eat when you are trying to get thin. An ounce of it is equivalent to 85% of the benefits of burning fat daily. It also keeps your cholesterol levels down.

6. Whole grain-bread or cereals work because they contain the fiber to do the work and the minerals to keep you healthy. Be cautious though of products that are labeled “wheat” because sometimes they are merely colored brown from molasses but are not genuinely a whole grain.

In summary, the foods that you need to consume are those that are rich in proteins, minerals, high in fiber and have little fat. These foods burn fat and keep you energized for your daily activities.


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