Weight Loss

3 Tips For Permanent Fat Loss

Permanent Fat Loss

The number of adults suffering with obesity is growing every year, and this is not a good trend, because obesity is a slow and sure killer. It will kill you by forcing you to endure such demons as diabetes, heart attack, kidney failure, high blood, pressure, etc.

Are you scared yet? Well, you don’t have to be, because there is still time to prevent it from happening, but only if you choose permanent fat loss.

Simply put, you can keep your body healthier by losing weight!

There are many health experts out there who would provide you with loads of weight loss tips. This can be a good thing, but these experts often use techno-jargon when they talk to regular people, assuming that everybody knows what these terms mean.

When you’re always hearing words like basal metabolism, BMI or LDL, you could end up getting even more confused, and decide to give up! However, in this article I will give you such a simple weight loss plan that you will have no excuse to quit.

Drink lots of water:

Although you shouldn’t drink much while eating your meals (it can interfere with digestion), six or more eight-ounce glasses (depending on your body weight) of pure water each day should be taken, preferably in small doses.

You see, water is a great fat burner. Water aids in fat burning by speeding up your metabolic rate. Not only that, water even helps you lose weight by cleaning your body of many of the toxins that were limiting your weight loss efforts. Water has multiple benefits and therefore you should replace soft drinks – especially diet sodas – with water.

Lead an active lifestyle:

Remember that your sedentary lifestyle is in great part responsible for your obesity. So if you want to slim down, you need to reverse your lifestyle pattern by participating in some sort of physical activity.

Physical activities don’t have to mean gym exercises and workouts. If you can handle workouts, then it is a lot better of course, but I am assuming that by this point, you are discouraged with exercises and you might need confidence in yourself. In case you hadn’t realized, simply walking will help you lose fat. Try to walk up to your shopping mall or market, instead of using the car. It could do you good!

Eat small meals that include complex carbs:

Eating a large meal once a day and then going hungry is not a very good lifestyle pattern; it causes your body to go into “famine mode” and shuts down your metabolism even further. Then you become ever “thriftier” with your calorie use and storage, which translates to storing more fat.

Complex carbohydrates are foods such as whole grains and vegetables, the stuff that has lots of fiber.

Even more important than dieting is your meal pattern, and ideally you should break your large meal into several small portions, and eat each portion every three or four hours. This will keep your metabolic rate in higher gear, helping you burn fat more quickly. Make sure that the time gap between two successive meals is not more than four hours, or your metabolism will slow down!

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