What Is Quantum – Touch Life-Force Healing?


Not to over-simplify the human body, but the basic unit of matter is made of atoms. Atoms are made of positive charged protons, and neutrons that have no charge, and the negative charged electron. The spinning of charged particles makes electricity. There is a true force-field surrounding our bodies.

The human body has a life-force energy that can allow it to heal itself. The terminologies chi, chakra, and aura, might be foreign to you, but each of these work with the energy fields that every living thing possesses. You might have heard of Reiki, a therapy that relieves pain in the body by the practitioner holding their hands above the part of the body they are working on. Touch-therapy healing is a gentle, hands-on technique. Certified energy healing practitioners use these techniques, to focus and amplify the life-force energy that brings the body back to 100% wholeness so it can heal itself.

What Is Life-Force Energy?

All living things have a magnetic force around them. Imbalances can occur in our bodies, and diseases, physical maladies, pain, and other ailments can take over our health. Certified integrative energy healing practitioners don’t do the actual healing of the body, but rather restore balance to the energy field disturbances. The body knows how to heal itself, but it needs the proper energeticemotionalnutritional, and spiritual conditions to come back to its natural state of total health.

What Are the Energy-Therapy Techniques?

Exercises in breathing, body awareness, and how to focus to increase life-force energy, are key elements to the touch-therapy technique. The body’s energy fields, or aura; and energy centers, or chakras; can get congested and out of balance. Once they are cleared of imbalances and disturbances, the integration of body, mind, and soul can restore health and stimulate healing. This touch therapy is a manner of natural healing that works with life-force energy of the body. It promotes complete wellness. Life-force energy, also known as chi in Chinese, and prana in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that supports all living creatures.

What Has Energy-Therapy Helped?

Touch therapy has been successful in reducing back pain, realigning skeletal structure, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries and burns, and much more. It can be learned by children, but is truly powerful and has baffled incredulous physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other health professionals. Touch therapy addresses the source of various diseases, and creates the environment for true healing to occur, not just alleviate symptoms. It addresses the underlying cause of the disease. Although energy therapy does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions, certified energy healing practitioners have reported helping to heal people with a wide range of conditions with varying degrees of improvement: Pain relief, cancer, infections, improved eyesight, reducing liver enzyme levels, and much more.

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