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How to Remain Motivated for Weight Loss

Motivate for Weight Loss

A recent study looked at different weight loss plans and some interesting information was uncovered that for all the weight loss programs available there was no real difference between the successes of one program compared to any other program. What it comes down to for the programs that had success was the individual who could find a way to keep their motivation and stay with a program, that is what made all the difference for success or failure in losing weight.

The “secret” to keep your motivation while attempting to lose weight is similar to the energy that drives any machine—your battery doesn’t have to be full or “motivation” to turn a cog, you just need to prevent it from getting drained empty. Weight loss happens with a three stage process, one stage relying on the other: 1.Exercising and 2. Cutting calories both are vitally important, but 3. Mental outlook can mean the variation between success and failure. Self-defeating thoughts are often overlooked but sometimes are the strongest factors for when a dieter gets off track.

Some Things You Can Do That Will Help You Stay Motivated

Weight loss is serious business so it needs to be treated that way. Weighing yourself every morning is a good way to make sure you continue to take it seriously because studies have shown that people who do daily weigh-ins find it easier to stay focused and are generally more successful at losing weight.

You are taking the time to weigh yourself so write your weight down every morning to track your progress. If you’re even moderately skilled with spreadsheets, it shouldn’t be difficult to create a chart or graph that shows the pounds dropping off over time. When you get discouraged, seeing the progress you’ve made on your chart or graph is very encouraging and can help give your motivation a lift.

It paints the a good picture of the progress you have made to this point, which can remind you that it is working and you are improving, no matter if it’s happening as quickly as you would like it to or not.

As with most things or at least many things in life, we all go through changes that come in stages or fazes. Weight loss is really no different. As you probably already know, successful weight loss is all about changing your lifestyle and your mindset simultaneously. Though you really need to change your mind first to be truly successful the changes do happen in parallel.

It’s All (Mostly) In Your Head

The stages of change in behavior that lead to weight loss have been studied at great length. When it comes to getting and staying motivated, you need to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind.

The first thing you can do to get your mind in the right frame is set a realistic goal by making a realistic statement and then write it down. My pastor always says paper doesn’t forget, which is true, plus you have it to refer back to, to help you stay on track.  If you Say stuff like, “I will lose 25 pounds in the next week” it is just plain unrealistic not to mention a form of self-sabotage, because it is impossible. All the weight you are trying to lose did not get dropped onto your body all at once, so it certainly won’t come off quickly, no matter how badly you want it to. Setting goals that there is no way you can possibly obtain will of course, without a doubt, discourage you.

Nobody is the same, no really not any two people, when it comes to weight loss that is why consulting a doctor or health professional to help you figure out what a reasonable weekly or monthly goal should be. This will certainly set you up for success.  What is important is that you know is that what is right for one person could be unhealthy for another, depending on how much you weigh, how old you are, what you activity level is, whether you are male or female, and so on. You want to avoid comparing yourself to others success or failure, because as it was just pointed out, everybody is different.

Don’t Let Lack of Focus be an Excuse

If you have a hard time staying focused and get discouraged easily you should consider getting a trainer. As you become more physically fit, it will help to know what your capabilities are, and you just may simply not know what is realistic for you and what isn’t. A good trainer will help you develop goals and a plan to so you can reach your potential.

In general, and nobody wants to hear this one but it’s true, the slower your weight comes off, the higher the likelihood of it staying off. Drastic weight loss will usually be interpreted by your body as a famine situation, creating a undesirable cycle where your metabolism drops and you suffer physical discomfort, and makes it hard for you to keep it up.

Did you know that one pound is 3,500 calories?!? We lose weight be eating right and we get healthier by exercising – remember that!  If you can cut just 500 calories a day without adding any exercise, you are cutting out a pound a week.

Much of the battle is mental so living like a slim person needs to be a way of life. At first it will feel “pretend” but as your body catches up to your mind you will start to see your goals manifest.  If you find that a healthy weight is only be sustainable by a constant  need for positive feedback and the excitement of being slimmer and the attention that comes with it, then you may find it hard sustain you weight loss for the long term.

You need to keep your confidence levels up so the first step to sustaining your mojo will need to take place before you cut a single calorie out of your diet. It’s a fact that one of the strongest indicators of a long term diet success is in setting the right goal for you at the start. Setting unattainable goals, like losing 30 pounds in a short time like just a few months, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and to fail.

Use a Visual Aid For Inspiration

Looking at pictures of people further into their fitness journey can be a real motivator, but there are other times it can really mess with how you see yourself or your mental image.  There will be some point on the way where you realize that looking at people who  most would consider more fit could make you feel defeated.

The thing you have to realize is that just because they look that good on Instagram or Facebook, does not mean they don’t have some touching up done to their photos or skip the last five minutes of their cardio program, eat too many sweets occasionally or deal the same temptation you do. We’re all human!

Stay focused and think long term, many have done it before you which means the path is already been laid, you just need to stay disciplined and motivated and follow in their footsteps!

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