Sensible Ways To Lose Weight

Obesity and overweight have some basis in heredity, which you can’t really change. What you can change, however, is your behavior. And that concept can have a HUGE (pardon the pun – didn’t see it ’til after I wrote it) effect on the way you look, and even more important, on the way you feel.

When you get down to it, all overweight is due to taking in more energy than you burn. I don’t really like the idea of counting calories, but until you begin to learn which types of foods are calorie-rich and nutrition-poor, and which are nutrition-dense (and so, they are worth “spending” your calories on), counting your calories can be your best option.

Also, while you absolutely have to move (burn more calories!), you really shouldn’t over-exercise.

What???! You mean you can exercise too much?

It doesn’t seem fair, but when you’re body is used to sitting behind a desk all day, and the most exercise you get is walking in to the Taco Bell, instead of driving thru, you can’t just get all inspired and hit the exercise equipment for a couple of hours a day.

Well, it would be good to get inspired, but be sensible about the exercise (there’s that word again).

When you over-exercise, especially when you’re overweight, your body chemistry changes and you begin to produce more cortisol. The “too hard” labor puts your body into stress mode and makes adjustments as to how energy is burned and fat is stored.

You can actually end up with extra belly fat from too much exercise (I told you – SO totally Not Fair!)

So, for now, add some extra activity like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, park a little further away than usual, so you have to walk a little more. Hey, you can try walking down the hall to deliver a message, instead of emailing. What a concept!

Next time, Drinking Water to Lose Weight.

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