Supermarket and Care with Diet and Weight Loss

Supermarket and Care with Diet

How do you rate your trips to the supermarket? Often buy more than necessary or, less than necessary, despite our cart is full. If this happens to you, must be because you do not choose what to buy.

Is why the DietaCerta written materials accompanying the rhythm of life. Surprise yourself to know that the supermarket can become an ally in reducing your weight.

Always make a shopping list before leaving home! Put everything you need on this list, separated by items (cleaning, household utensils, food) and separate the food they will buy a meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper).

Try to go after meals to the supermarket! Go to the supermarket hungry is never good because we buy more and are usually high-calorie food and no nutritional value. This tip also applies to avoid big surprises in your pocket! After all, we buy more and who feel the pocket.

Beware of promotions! Often buy on impulse at the best price but we do not realize what we are buying. Enjoy the promotion and critical vision that you can buy and avoid fatty foods.

When we read such recommendations, but usually not put into practice on verifying the integrity of packaging and validity. We are always in a hurry and can, on that basis, take a product off the term of validity or the packaging violated. Be careful and if it happens, ask to change!

Note the label! Check the amount of calories in one product to another. Then take a look at the fat, which should be as low as possible! Compare products not only for the price, but the amount of product per package. More worthwhile to buy a product that has 500g with a price slightly higher than one that has 400g.

Notice what is the best day to buy vegetables from the salad! If possible, find out the days when these products reach the supermarket of your choice. This is always the best day to buy these foods because they are fresh.

Let to buy perishables and frozen for last! You’ll avoid them thaw or even spoiling. This tip is worth even more for those who live further away from where they usually shop.

And, of course, avoid passing through the corridors had to be true temptation. That sector of cookies, chocolates or frozen can be left out in your purchase. Instead of wasting time in these sections, I suggest that you know the section of the diet / light or take longer to buy the ingredients for that salad!

From now on, I’m sure you know the best way to choose what to buy and how to proceed in certain situations.


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