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Advantages and Disadvantages of Surgery for Weight Loss

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Losing weight through surgery has become a common fact today irrespective of the gender. A surgery can give you an attractive shape very fast but it also has some disadvantages. Reducing weight by burning the calories and sweating it out are most natural and the best way to get back to your original shape. But people with some weight-related diseases want to cut the fat off overnight to get rid of those diseases. So surgery is their option.

In medical terms it is known as Bariatric Surgery where doctors limit the amount of foods your stomach can hold or reduce the hunger. The surgeries are laparoscopic ones with minimum invasive techniques. The four most common Bariatric surgeries are:

Gastric Bypass

This is most common surgery where first a smaller stomach pouch is made leaving the rest of the stomach so that only a little portion of food can be hold. Then this small pouch is directly linked with the small intestine. Medically this surgery is called Roux – en – Y gastric bypass (RYGB).


It reduces type2 Diabetes, reduces hunger and appetite, 70% of the extra weight is reduced.


Surgical complications are higher than the other procedures, a life-long vitamin and mineral deficiency takes place

Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this surgery almost 80% of the stomach is removed. A small sleeve like portion of the stomach is only left so that it can hold very less food.


Very less amount of food consumption, reduces type2 diabetes and controls blood sugar level, foreign objects are not inserted


The procedure is not reversible, complication rates are higher.

AGB or Adjustable Gastric Band or the Band

Here an adjustable band is inserted and tied in the upper portion of the stomach making a small pouch. The small pouch is connected with the remaining larger portion of the stomach by an opening. The size of the opening is adjusted repeatedly. The concept of this procedure is that with a lesser amount of food and hence lesser the calories the person will have a stomach-full feel.


This is always adjustable and reversible, least complicated of all the other procedures, least chance of mineral deficiency, no removal of stomach, reduces almost 50% of the entire excess fat


Foreign device inserted, the rate of weight loss is slower than all the other procedures, the foreign parts can harm the stomach for which the person might need another surgery.

Duodenal Switch

This procedure is quite similar like Sleeve Gastrectomy only the difference is that a bigger portion of the small intestine is also bypassed. Most of the stomach is removed leaving a very small pouch. This surgery is also known as Biliopancreatic Diversion or BPD/DS. The entire procedure is done in two steps. One of the components for surgery is the duodenum and hence the name Duodenal Switch.


The biggest advantage here is that the rate of fat absorption is reduced by 70%, the weight loss is maximum compared to all the other procedures, the person can be on normal diet, acts highest against blood sugar level.


It causes maximum mineral and vitamin deficiencies, the most complicated surgery compared to others as maximum routine checkups are needed and a very carefully made diet plan is must.

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