Pregnancy Signs: Morning Sickness

Missing period is the most obvious one of the early pregnancy signs and it crosses each woman’s mind whenmissing a period. Early pregnancy is often accompanied with other symptoms which are very uncertain and aren’t completely unique to pregnancy. Even missing period doesn’t essentially mean you are carrying a kid. If you have done a little research over early pregnancy […]

Pain Control in Childbirth – Pain Control Methods and Techniques

The closer the delivery date the greater the excitement. Pregnancy is an unique experience but every pregnant woman is looking forward of the day she will be able to hold her baby in her hands. The day of childbirth is by many considered as the best day in their lives but many women are terrified of the pain during labor. […]

Benefits of Adequate Physical Activity During Pregnancy

It is probably not necessarily to mention that you should avoid lifting and carrying heavy objects and give up extreme sports during pregnancy. However, that does not mean you just have to rest and sit around all 9 months. On the contrary, light to moderate exercise is recommended for general health and well-being of both the pregnant woman and the […]

How to Weight Control During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal and is inevitable. Developing baby requires increased caloric intake but that does not mean you have to eat for two. On the contrary, pregnant women should eat normally and prevent excessive pregnancy weight gain which might be a great problem after childbirth. There is virtually no time for weight loss when the baby […]

Less Pleasant Experiences During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an unique experience which might not be always pleasant. You might experience different unpleasant or perhaps even painful physiological changes which can be avoided or reduced if following a healthy pregnancy guide. Lets see which are the most common pregnancy complaints. Excessive weight gain is one of the most common pregnancy complaints and often represents a serious problem […]

How to Take Home Pregnancy Tests

Missing period is the most obvious sign of pregnancy and it crosses every woman’s mind when “being late”. Early pregnancy is often accompanied with other symptoms which are very unspecific and are not unique to pregnancy. Even missing period does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. However, if you are missing period and if there is a chance you might […]

Most Common Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

Is your period late and you suspect or hope you might be pregnant? There are several symptoms (in addition to missed period) which might occur in early pregnancy although a pregnancy test is the best way to make sure whether you are pregnant or not. The most common signs of early pregnancy are swollen and tender breasts and fatigue. Other […]

Twin Pregnancy – Being Pregnant with Twins

Are you expecting twins? If so, you are among the fortunate 2% pregnant women who were “blessed” twice. Twin pregnancy is very rare and according to the statistics roughly 2% of all births in the world are twins, while twin pregnancy happens to three in every 100 pregnant women in the United States. However, double joy also means double trouble. […]