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Tips to Pass Without Leaving The Passover Diet

Passover Diet

The Passover symbolizes an important Christian holiday that represents the resurrection of Christ. It is a time of festivities, which usually bring families together to celebrate at a table and fed to the traditional exchange of chocolate eggs, a loss for those who can not relax with the diet. And the temptations are everywhere. Because it is the shelves are filled with chocolates of various types and sizes, and before such offer, it is difficult to resist. But how can you take this time without it becomes a torture, and to achieve the shape?

First of all, we must understand that chocolate, in moderate doses, is not a villain. Cacao, raw material for this product is rich in flavonoid antioxidants, substances that protect the arteries and heart, preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, and delay aging. Some studies also indicate that moderate consumption of chocolate may be related to blood pressure reduction, inhibition of platelet activity – one reason for the formation of atheroma plaques feared – and reducing inflammation. All this along with several vitamins and minerals and compounds that stimulate the production of serotonin, a substance that improves the mood and causes the sensation of pleasure.

To take advantage of this delicious, without giving up the diet, moderate intake is crucial, as the chocolate has a high percentage of calories. Ask friends and family that you Gift from candy or small eggs, rather than prefer the long version. Enjoy the chocolate slowly, ingesting a little bit every day instead of eating a whole egg at once. The ideal is not to exceed 50g per day.

Besides the quantity, it is necessary to consider also the type consumed. Although the number of calories is not very different (the chocolate is the least caloric, followed by milk chocolate and white, with a greater number of calories), the versions of white and milk have more milk in their composition, which gives an increased content of saturated fat, responsible for increased cholesterol, while the bitter has more fat from cocoa butter, type causing no increase in LDL ( “bad cholesterol”).

Remember that your calorie intake will already be greater and therefore seek to save the rest of the food, salads and abusing the passing away of fried and fatty foods. Increasing physical activity is important to offset the increase in calories caused by the consumption of chocolate. In addition, you can take to draw the milk at the best moment: after the exercise, the body uses this energy to heal, making it more difficult to store as fat.

And make no mistake with the diets. Why do not contain sugar, you need to add a greater amount of fat in its composition, making them even more caloric. Therefore they should be consumed only by persons with special needs such as diabetics. As for the light versions, by having a low percentage of fat, are best suited for those wishing to lose weight.

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