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Twin Pregnancy – Being Pregnant with Twins

Twin Pregnancy

Are you expecting twins? If so, you are among the fortunate 2% pregnant women who were “blessed” twice. Twin pregnancy is very rare and according to the statistics roughly 2% of all births in the world are twins, while twin pregnancy happens to three in every 100 pregnant women in the United States. However, double joy also means double trouble.

If being pregnant with twins you better prepare yourself on more intense pregnancy complaints. You will probably experience more severe morning sickness, severer heartburn, back pain, etc. Twins also require increased caloric intake and greater amount of certain nutrients such as folic acid, iron, calcium and other essential nutrients which means more weight gain and increased discomfort. Twin pregnancy also increases the risks of complications but healthy twins are born everyday and there is no need to upset yourself unnecessarily. However, you will probably have to be more cautious and visit your health care provider to monitor your babies’ growth and development more frequently than if you would expecting only one baby.

Twin pregnancy usually lasts from 37 to 38 weeks, while most twin births require cesarean section which is the least stressful for your babies. Twins commonly require special care after delivery even if being completely healthy and there is no need to worry about your babies’ health and well-being if being advised to stay in hospital a little bit longer.

Twins have the same needs as other newborns with the difference you have two newborns. Caring for twins can be very exhausting and sometimes even stressful and for that reason you will perhaps need more help and support than you have imagined.


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