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How to Weight Control During Pregnancy

Weight Control During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal and is inevitable. Developing baby requires increased caloric intake but that does not mean you have to eat for two. On the contrary, pregnant women should eat normally and prevent excessive pregnancy weight gain which might be a great problem after childbirth. There is virtually no time for weight loss when the baby comes and many women struggle for years before they manage to achieve a healthy body weight.

Excessive pregnancy weight gain can worsen other problems related to pregnancy (back pain, swollen feet, varicose veins, stretch marks, etc.) but it also might represent a certain risks for the pregnant woman and the child she is carrying. A healthy weight gain during pregnancy is from 20 to 28 pounds (9 to 13 kilograms) depending on your body max index. It is recommendable to achieve a healthy body weight before the pregnancy but if being overweight when pregnancy is being confirmed you should make sure you control weight gain during the pregnancy.

The best way to control weight gain during pregnancy is a healthy diet and adequate physical activity. Pregnancy is not the time for weight loss but that does not mean you cannot provide the developing child all the necessary nutrients without significantly increasing the quantity of foods. Instead of overeating yourself concentrate on nutrient-rich foods and take daily walks. It also might be very helpful to consult about weight control during pregnancy with your health care provider.


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