Women’s Weight Loss Tips

Women tend to get hung up on the definition of the word “diet.” We tend to consider a diet as deprivation, or eating less, when all a diet really is, is what you eat every day. One of the best ways to sabotage your weight loss is to think, “I can’t, and I’m on a diet”. Deprivation will almost always lead to failure, and even if you do succeed at weight loss, you will likely feel miserable, and see weight come back later.

Instead of depriving yourself, change the way you think about your diet. A healthy diet allows you to eat more, while never feeling hungry. Make healthy swaps. Instead of ice cream, eat a bowl of fresh fruit. You’ll get that sweet tooth under control, while also saving a lot of calories!

Don’t call it Exercise

Sure, that’s what it is when you get up and move, but some people hate the word so much, just hearing it puts a damper on things. Instead, focus on physical activity you love, such as dancing, or ramp up your daily housework routine. If you don’t call it exercise, it may make it easier for you to do!

Stay Hydrated!

Don’t drink your calories, and if you can, avoid diet sodas all together. The sweeteners in these drinks fool your tastebuds, and you actually end up craving more sugar. Drink water or skim milk whenever possible. Staying hydrated will help keep you from retaining water, and increase your energy levels. If you can’t stand the idea of plain water, try squeezing fresh lemon or lime juice in it.

Grab a Friend!

Having a buddy to help keep you accountable helps, but even when you feel like being “bad” and having something that you’re “not supposed to,” if there is a friend nearby, the two of you can split the portion, which means you can also split the calories. Then, when you’re ready to get moving, you’ll have a friend with you, so you’re much less likely to think of it like exercise.

These tips will help you start your weight loss journey and you won’t feel like you’ve had to give up anything, which will help keep you motivated to stay on track.

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